I have to admit I was pretty skeptical about the laser treatments at first. I've always been an advocate of holistic healing like acupuncture massage and other treatments.

My dog buddy Guy has been declining in health over the last year or so and I taking him to two vet visits. Both times they prescribe stronger drugs which made him more lethargic but may have helped dull the pain. The bottom line is the quality of health for our dog was waning.

I searched high and low across the Internet looking for something that could treat our dog on a molecular level and could not find it. Then a friend of mine told me about the Spectra Therapy LASERwrap® jacket. After a little research, I was anxious to try it. My vet was recommending to laser treatments a week at a cost of $150 each for eight weeks.

Although I love my dog, at 108 pounds, it is was very difficult to get in and out of the car and I run my own business. So I didn't want to spend time going back and forth to the vet for something I'm not sure that would 100% solve his core problems.

After almost 2 weeks of using this in-home treatment, I can see the light in my dogs eyes again. He has gone from walking two blocks a day to eight blocks today and he can get up and down the stairs much better.

Thank you for this awesome solution and I look forward to continued progress on her beloved Buddy Guy.

Brian Basilico – Aurora IL

We are using the units almost every day.  They seem to be helping the dogs recover much faster from hard physical exertion.  Lots of running and other types of exercise.  The dogs seem to reach a calm state much faster when they are exposed to the laser.  We are using the wrap in some cases and the mat in others.

We are really giving them a workout and nothing but good results.  I am giving each class of students your handouts.  We have a new class arriving this weekend.

Thanks again,

Bob Jervis
National K-9® – www.nk9.com

The LASERwrap® was a life, a saver, a real miracle “ Debbie proclaimed

”He’s now is wearing the coat for rehab at home for the next 2 weeks for his Neuro Recovery.   His father had a similar problem and died at age 4 years and 2 months.”

Debbie took Dapple to the vet on Friday afternoon since he had not moved from the night before.  At 5 pm the Vet gave him a muscle relaxant and pain shot along with a laser treatment.  It was suggested to use the LASERwrap® dog coat.  Dapple wore the coat starting Friday @ 7 pm and by Sunday at 9 am, he took his first recovery step 48 hours later. ” It’s a miracle not only because it worked, but I never could have afforded back surgery operation, paying for a week of 24/7 clinical boarding recovery, or to even think of  keeping  him caged up for 6 weeks after a clinical stay.  Thank,s Spectra Therapy for inventing LASERwrap® and saving Dapple. “

Debbie of Casco, MI with her 4-year-old dachshund, Dapple
Developed a severe Doxie-back problem.

Barkley is 14 and has arthritis especially in his hips.  After wearing LASERwrap® he can use the steps on the deck again.  He has not been able to do that for a long time.

Marty Bloomquist
Dancing Star Ranch
Shawnee County, KS

We agreed to test out the Spectra LASERwrap® Therapy vest on our ten-year-old Leonberger, Willow. Like many older giant breed dogs, Willow was having some trouble getting up and down. She’d been diagnosed with arthritis in her spine and hips. She also had a bone spur in her elbow.

These physical ailments were most obvious in the mornings when her older bones sometimes had a hard time getting moving. Her routine was to wait until the last possible minute, usually around 8:30 am, before braving the stairs that would take her down and to her waiting for the food bowl. In recent weeks, twice she’d been so hesitant to come down the stairs, that my husband (who, thankfully, is very fit) carried all 115lbs of her down the stairs. She just wouldn’t come down on her own.

Within a couple of days of wearing the laser vest for a couple hours, Willow’s hesitation to come downstairs in the morning was markedly decreased. She would come down without coaxing, even with me at 6:30 am.

We got used to this new level of mobility, and as so often happens, slacked off for a bit. Willow’s hesitation on the stairs seemed to return. We went back to using the vest consistently, and Willow would come down the stairs. Being a natural skeptic, I wasn’t convinced until about our third go-around of slacking off and seeing a backslide in Willow’s movements. Now, Willow wears her vest most days, usually for an hour or two, and no one’s had to coax or carry her down the stairs since!

Amy Garabedian, owner, Sit Means Sit Metro Detroit

“The Spectra Therapy LASERwrap® helped Drake heal quickly after being hit by a car. Surgery was too risky.  After 7 days he was able to stand and bear weight.  Vet expected approximately 3 weeks. Drake recovered and runs around the farm happy and healthy.  (Diagnosis: The left ilium is cranially displaced in comparison to the sacrum.  A transverse fracture with mild comminution is present within the abaxial aspect of the right pubis as well as one at the caudal aspect of the right body of the pubis and ischium with mild cranial displacement present.  Interpretation:  Multiple pelvic fractures (right pubis, right ischium) with left sacroiliac subluxation.)”

Carrie Thorne – Equine Sports Massage Therapist, Surgical Rehabilitation Specialist with CANTER Michigan, Hamilton Ridge Farm, Leslie MI

Thanks so much for letting me use the Spectra Therapy LASERwrap®  I believe it has helped my dog Pepe' Le Pew quite a bit, and so does my veterinarian!  It seems to loosen the tissues so he can move easier.  I was able to keep it in place with the black Velcro wrap and he got used to it right away.  He would give a relaxed look when the laser was working, (he has an expressive face).  He has continued to improve from his prior rear spinal paralysis caused by degenerative disk disease which started four months ago, (2-16-2014). The Spectra Therapy LASERwrap® is great for home use as I had taken him to the vet for laser treatments in the beginning and the process to crate him and transport him in a large carrier when he was unable to walk was very stressful and exhausting for both Pepe and I.

So thank you again and  I will be sure to share this product with friends and professionals in the medical field immediately.

Laura B – Rochester Hills, MI

“The Spectra Therapy LASERwrap® is a miracle product. Every household should have one. Last January I developed tendonitis in my left hand and it was very painful just to lift a quart of milk or to sew and sewing Is my livelihood so I was in a tough situation.

For months I had chiropractic treatments including ultrasound with little results. After suffering for four months, I was referred to hand clinic for possible surgery, injections, and drugs.

Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to try the Spectra Therapy LASERwrap®. I HAD RESULTS IN THREE DAYS and total relief after only two weeks, and have been PAIN-FREE for ever since. During that time I also burned by thumb and forefinger on a hot grill. The same successful results as the tendonitis. Amazingly the burns healed in a couple days, with no blisters, scabs or pain.

I was finishing my treatment in May when my black Lab dog Spike came down with anaplasmosis, a tick infection. All of his joints were inflamed and he couldn’t even walk or get upstairs without help. I used the LASERwrap® on him as well, wrapping it around his back and abdomen. Today he is running and jumping like a puppy. He is almost 4.

I can’t thank you enough for this life-saving product. Every household should have one.”

Bonnie from Wisconsin
Tendonitis & Tick disease