Inflammation Is Part Of Your Pet's Healing Process

Your pets have an amazing capability for healing wounds and infection. Inflammation is an important sign that the body is trying to heal itself, but if it is untreated for too long, it can impede healing and recovery.

The Spectra Therapy LASERwrap can help speed the recovery process and minimize pain related to your pet's inflammatory response.

More About Inflammation and Swelling

Increased inflammation can cause pain. The thickening of blood causes inflammation, which is often localized to a specific part of your pet's body. They can often experience redness, swelling, heat and pain in response to an injury or infection.

If your pet were to bruise or sprain a leg for example, blood will pool to that area.

The blood flow slows or may no longer be carried by the vessels. Then it stays in that area, it has to be dissolved back into the bloodstream in order for it to get out of there. An acute injury of any type can break blood vessels connected to muscles and bones. Often times, your pets tendons or ligaments fray, and that takes time to re-heal.

Capillaries leading away from the injured area start to constrict, and the arterioles leading to the site dilate to increase blood flow to the area. At the same time, the permeability of these capillaries is increased, allowing white blood cells, other cells and fluids to pass through to the injured area. These fluids have a higher protein content than those normally found in tissues which attract water to the area and can cause swelling.

Laser therapy can help your pet recover faster and more reliably from these types of injuries.

Spectra Therapy LASERwraps Can Help

Our LASERwrap technology passes through the hair and skin, and penetrates down to the muscle, bones, and blood vessels. The LASERwrap activates the lymph system and increases blood flow to rapidly decrease inflammation.

That increased blood flow helps heal and comfort your pet.

If your dog has been suffering from increased inflammation and pain, the LASERwrap can help. Contact us today to find out more!