LASERwrap® Dual Filament Strip (24″ / 40″ Combo pack)




Our original LASERwrap® Dual Filament in 24″ or 40″ can also be used on our companion animals.  Simply wrap them around the area to treat and secure with the elastic straps provided.  Dual filament laser strips are made of flexible polyester loop fabric with a low profile Velcro hook and are secured with elastic straps that allow for flexible size adjustments.  The laser strips can be wrapped or applied to most any area of the body.  The strip is 2.75″ wide x 24″ and 40″ in lengths and works well for smaller and medium size dogs and cats. Use in a crate to help reduce anxiety while traveling.

NOTE: A-100 Impulse Laser Unit – NOT Included)  


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