A Faster, Easier Recovery

Surgery happens. Dogs are regularly spayed, neutered and give birth. Sometimes there's injury corrections such as a broken bone or a ligament tear. In every case, there will be pain and swelling (inflammation). You want your pet to be comfortable, but you also want them back to normal as fast as possible.

Even if the surgical area is covered by bandages, utilizing laser therapy around the area can increase blood flow promoting the healing process. The Spectra Therapy LASERwrap is a natural, holistic option designed to speed pain relief and recovery efforts.

You need to think about post-surgery recovery as if it's rehabilitation on the go. What you need to do is improve the circulation during the first three days of recovery. When you start to treat it early, you can take two to three weeks off the post-surgery recovery. Continued treatment will help your pet get back to normal faster.

Humans have physical therapy after surgery to help flexibility and improve blood flow to the affected area, but trying to convince your pet to do any kind of rehab will be a challenge. The LASERwrap promotes a healthy recovery for your pet.

Spectra Therapy LASERwraps Promote The Healing Process

As the laser therapy starts to improve the circulation, it improves your pet's natural healing abilities. It provides nutrients and oxygen to improve healing on a cellular level, and improves ATP (low blood platelet levels) to help your pet's body repair fibrous tissues. That starts to rejoin at the tendons and ligaments, and they begin to self-heal.

Laser therapy smooths out the repair of tissues. This allows a thorough and faster healing than would otherwise take place. The Spectra Therapy LASERwrap empowers your dog for healthy recovery. Contact us today to find out more!