Are You in Love with Canine Freestyle Dancing?

Canine freestyle dancing is a real thing, people! Dog dancing is a modern dog sport popular in several places worldwide. And if you’re into it, you’ve got a favorite doggy dancing team of your own who you love to follow. A Little History about Canine Freestyle Dancing Canine freestyle dancing started around 1989 as musical…

Sara Carson

Sara Carson's – REHABILITATION on the Go – Wearable LASERwrap® Every day is a show day in Sara‘s life.  Preparing for an event, performing or recovering from the event. Sometimes we get acute injuries, or aches, pains, muscle spasms or stiffness sets in from chronic conditions like arthritis, Sara uses Spectra Therapy’s LASERwraps on both…

In the World of Dog Competition, Inde Excels!

In the world of dog competition, Inde is another amazing canine athlete! She is a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois, owned and loved by her handler, Michon Mills. Michon owns and loves a total of four Belgian Malinois dogs: Inde, almost 2-yr-old Venice, 3-yr-old Ironic, and 16-week-old Zing. She also owns a 1-yr-old Bengal cat named Ghraidh…

Performance Dogs Need Energy and Recovery

Performance dogs have special needs to replenish their strength and agility. They work hard to please you, and you want to provide as much care for them as possible. Enhanced blood flow strengthens their muscles, and allows them to reach performance condition faster.

Performance dogs run and jump, and perform at high levels. They exert massive amounts of energy. Following their performance, dogs can experience a dip in blood flow and feel exhausted. The Spectra Therapy LASERwrap offers a natural way to keep blood flowing to maximize your dog's performance. Laser therapy gives them the ability to recover faster and reduce muscle spasms and twitching.

When they sleep, there will be less acid in their stomach.

When they go to the next event, they will have more energy on demand. This can help the dog perform better. If you're looking for ways to maximize your dog's performance the LASERwrap can help!

The Spectra Therapy LASERwrap Enhances Performance

The LASERwrap works by improving circulation, which delivers more oxygen and protein to tired muscles. It flushes lactic acid out of the legs, replenishes it with fresh protein and fresh oxygen.

It really is that simple. Our product provides a natural means for more energy while removing excess waste. You can improve your performance dog's recovery by improving blood flow.

We all want what's best for our pet. The Spectra Therapy LASERwrap allows for a faster, holistic, and side effect-free recovery. Contact us today to find out more!