Scott Dempsey is a law enforcement career professional. He began his law enforcement career by serving his Country in the U.S. Army Military Police Corps. He then worked as a city Police Officer in municipalities within the State of Georgia and then Illinois, holding positions within the Illinois Department of Corrections as an Investigator, Parole Supervisor, and Assistant Warden. Currently, he works as an Internal Security Investigator for the Office of Inspector General within the State of Illinois Dept. of Human Services.

Scott began work around canines while in the U.S. Army and thereafter during most of his law enforcement career assignments. During that time, he gained a love and respect for working dogs, specifically the Belgian Malinois. As he neared retirement, he decided to take the plunge and finally get a Belgian Malinois puppy of his very own. He named his puppy Liam.

While looking for something fun to do with Liam following basic obedience training, they discovered the sport of Dock Diving. After a few swim lessons and some initial training, they entered their first official event in June 2017. Liam placed second in his first event with a jump of 26 feet. He excelled immediately as he put his natural physical abilities to use. Within three months, Liam climbed the charts to become one of the top 10 distance diving dogs in the United States. Liam currently ranks #8 as documented on July 26, 2018, by North America Diving Dogs (NADD).

During the 2017 diving year, Liam won many events and set local records, with the longest distance jump of 30.2 feet. (The current World Record is 31.2 feet). He participated in the first Eukanuba Performance Games in Ohio jumping a distance of 30 feet, won the Ultimate Air Games at Purina Farms in Missouri, and participated in the NADD Championships in Orlando, Florida. Scott and Liam also tried out for the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge (PPPIDC), also at Purina Farms. Liam missed making it into that event by one inch. That didn’t stop them. It only fueled their drive to do even better.

So far in this 2018 diving year, Liam has placed in and won many events. They currently rank nationally at #8 by NADD and #3 in breed by NADD. Scott, his wife Terra, and Liam recently traveled to Huntington Beach, California, where they participated in the 2018 PPPIDC. After having missed making it into the event by one inch last year, Liam came back and jumped 29.8 feet, earning him 3rd place at this national event. They have also earned invitations again to the upcoming Ultimate Air Games and NADD Championships.

With everything going so well, they recently added another Belgian Malinois puppy to their family. Her name is Lukah. At only four months old, Lukah jumps over 10 feet. While her training is slow because she needs time to grow and develop, their expectations for Lukah are high.

At this point in time, Scott and Liam participate in the sport of Dock Diving/Distance only; however, they plan to expand within this sport to a separate competition called Air Retrieve. This is an event where a toy is elevated and suspended over the water at certain distances to see how far the dog can jump into the air to either grab the toy or knock it from its place. The current world record for this event is 28 feet.