Help Your Pet Recover Faster From Injuries

What happens when a dog pulls a muscle or strains a tendon? They can't tell you it hurts, but you can often see it in the way they move, or the pain in their eyes.

Humans can tell when they are bruised. It gets swollen. It's black and blue. The blood stagnates, staying in one spot. It's the same process on a dog but much of it happens hidden underneath the fur.

If your dog is showing signs of bruising or other injuries, the Spectra Therapy LASERwrap can help. The wrap works by directing more blood flow around the injured or infected area. This allows the animal to benefit from the body's natural healing properties without experiencing any negative side effects.

The LASERwrap will allow the dog to exercise more and self heal faster.

Spectra Therapy LASERwraps Promote Healing

Laser therapy can promote healing, but if you're not getting rid of the congestion in the lower extremities, you should treat the area of acute injury. It can greatly help to treat the general area surrounding an injury.

Most laser treatments you would receive in a veterinarian office treat just a few inches localized around the spot of the injury. It's often not enough to get the job done.

If you are treating joint issues, the wrap needs to be placed above and below the joint. If you're treating injuries or bruising, you also need treatment above and below the injured tissue.

Spectra Therapy LASERwraps help to promote healing by treating larger areas with a deep-reaching power of laser light. If your animal is suffering from unnecessary pain the Spectra Therapy LASERwrap may be the answer you are looking for. The LASERwrap takes a holistic approach to pain relief, with no known side effects. Speed up the body's natural response to pain relief. Contact us today to find out more!