Wearable LASERwrap is a unique offering:

  • Quick to apply
  • Easy to use, wearable, unattended, automatic laser therapy
  • Convenient and wearable at home, work, while driving, sleeping and many other activities, most anywhere and anytime
  • Fast and effective laser therapy
  • No drugs and no harmful side effects

Wearable LASERwrap is a breakthrough treatment that can promote healing and help you to achieve maximum results from other therapies. When used in conjunction with other therapies, such as chiropractic, massage and other soft tissue mobilizations, physical therapy, acupuncture and nutrition, LASERwrap is highly effective.

Several healthcare professionals use LASERwrap in their offices or clinics versus more costly laser systems that require an attendant and the use of protective eyewear.

Assembly of Impulse Laser Unit to Wraps and Pads

The A-100 Impulse unit is designed to have laser filaments inserted firmly into the slots in the front of the unit. All wraps and pads assemble to the unit by simply sliding the clear filament into the slots until the tubes fit snugly and then stop.

The unit can be fully charged in approximately three hours using only the charger provided.

It fits in the palm of a hand and can be activated similar to a stop watch, pushing the ON/OFF button located on the top of the unit.

Either a BLUE or GREEN light will illuminate along with both red lasers. Quickly pressing the button until the light changes, switches between the two program modes. When in standby status, the indicator light will flash and the programs will cycle continuously until the unit is turned off or the battery is depleted.

The laser unit will adhere to the Velcro loop material of the wrap or pad, and the elastic straps can be pulled over the top of the unit to further secure it. The wraps and pads should be applied directly to the body so that the light can be absorbed and secured with the straps provided. If a garment is preferred under the wrap, it should be a thin white fabric that allows for penetration of the laser light. The wraps and pads are not sterile, and should not be placed directly on an open wound, but over the top of sterile gauze.

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