Most Canine items are measured by body length, but depending on the breed and other characteristics of the animal, a few other measurements are important to be sure to get the right fit. The LASERwrap Dog Coat has an adjustable/removable belly band and contouring pleats to provide flexibility and a good fit. The front is fastened with Velcro, which is adjustable, enabling the coat to be positioned as needed. The back of the coat is darted to help secure around the hip area. Elastic leg straps are optional, and can be purchased separately if needed.

Using a soft tape measure take the following measurements:

  1. Body Length – Measure starting at the base of the neck along the back to the top of the tail.
  2. Girth – Measure the deepest point of their girth.
  3. Side Length – Starting at the center of the chest along the side of the body to the tail.

Neck – If you have a Bulldog, this measurement is important to ensure the coat will close properly. (Please contact us for more details on the proper size.)