We adopted Buddy Guy in 2006. Best guess, around 3 or 4 years old. He is super smart and the best-behaved rescue dog we have ever had. His love of life (aside from his new forever family) was to play ball every day like the Energizer Bunny!

A couple of years ago he started to slow down and the vet put him on an anti-inflammatory and some pain meds. It seemed to help but, over time, he went from walking (and enjoying) 1 brisk mile a day, to having a hard time with a 1/2 mile and finally, 2 blocks, before his back legs started to give out.

We took him back to the vet and this time they prescribed a steroid and wanted him to come in twice a week for cold laser treatments. The steroid was causing more harm than good and the out-of-house treatment was not an option. Two plus hours back and forth to the vet, twice a week was not doable. Just getting an108 lbs arthritic dog in and out of an SUV is a struggle, for both of us.

I was searching to find an in-home option to help our BuddyGuy. I asked the vet and on Facebook if anyone did in-home laser treatments, acupuncture, or chiropractic care for dogs. There were some leads but none really worked for us. I then continued my research online for some help.

Then a friend told me about Spectra Therapy and I decided to give the LASERwrap™ coat a try. I read that it was used on horses and agility dogs. By having the “jacket/blanket” at home, he could wear it two to three times in a 24 period if need be. Seriously, the cost of the “coat” ended up being much LESS than the cost (and time) of 8 weeks of in-office treatments and the convenience alone was worth every penny! The results are nothing short of amazing. His energy is back. His eyes are bright and alert and I can see he is in less pain. He is walking better every day, and I will continue to use it day and night to continue with his healing process.

BuddyGuy and I wholeheartedly support this product!

Brian Basilico – Aurora IL (and Buddy Guy)