An Unconventional Approach to Pain Relief

Spectra Therapy owner and founder John Stephan is a pioneer in the LED barcode reader industry (working with WalMart and in various countries around the globe). John created multiple million dollar businesses over the years. As an innovator in laser technology, helping humans, horses, and dogs was a natural step.

Selling Therapeutic Laser Technology Since 2008

It started out as a handheld laser therapy, a technology that is used today by veterinarians and doctors with amazing results.

John helped his daughter-in-law after breast surgery. The handheld laser was used to reduce pain and scarring. Her doctors were amazed at the speed of her recovery.

Others started to use the technology in nursing homes and other in-home treatments for pain or improving circulation.

The results continued to impress, but the application of self-treatments was hard for some people, especially the elderly and people who were overweight or had limited flexibility.

Having to sit for personal in-home treatments, his daughter-in-law asked if he could make a bra or something so she did not have to be tethered to the machine and reduce the fatigue of using her arms for multiple treatments per day.

Soon it evolved into a laser cloth pad used as a pad for back pain in runners, and then to help people with diabetic leg problems and vascular surgery. A world-renowned company out of out of Switzerland, known for knitting lace, helped to create pads made out of fiber-optic material. After clinical trials, we discovered that the laser energy needed to go a lot deeper, and required a bigger hose to distribute the photonic energy deeper into the body.

Spectra Therapy Laser Coats and Wraps Were Born

We developed a product that could be worn during the day or at night for maximum relief from lower back and hip pain. We began to develop a full product line around our customers' needs.

We have a full product line that can be used effortlessly.

Our wearable and rechargeable laser wrap and coat technology are patented and FDA-approved for humans, and animals alike.

It is comfortable, convenient, and can be used during the day or at night for faster and more effective pain relief and recovery. You'll start to see significant improvements in your pain levels within 48-72 hours after use.

Through our truly portable deep laser therapy, results are faster and more effective than many other health recovery technologies like electronic stimulation, LED, and PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies) techniques.

Neither you nor your animals need to suffer through pain. There is a drug-free, holistic solution at your fingertips. Contact us today to take the first step toward a pain-free lifestyle!