Canine LASERwrap®


Canine LASERwrap®


Canine LASERwrap®


Canine LASERwrap®


Canine LASERwrap®


How Does It Work?

Laser Therapy has been around for over 50 years. Our canine coats and wraps are Patented and FDA Approved. Your dog will enjoy and love you for it!

Ready To Buy?

Our Easy-To-Size system will help you choose the right coat or wrap for your pets needs. We have sizes and solutions that will fit almost any dog from small to giant.

Got Questions?

If you have questions, we have answers! We are here to serve you and your pets needs and want to make sure you get the right solution for your pet.

Drug-Free and Holistic Cost-Effective Treatment

The Real Cost Of Care

  • In-Office Spot Laser or Acupuncture
    or Chiropractic Treatments = $400
  • Holistic Oils = $100
  • Glucosamine or Supplements = $75
  • Pain Meds = $75

$695 EACH Month

(Typical – Small to Medium sized dog)

Debbie of Casco, MI with her 4 year old dachshund, Dapple, developed a severe Doxie-back problem . “The LASERwrap® was a life, a saver, a real miracle “ Debbie proclaimed ”He’s now is wearing the coat for rehab at home for the next 2 weeks for his Neuro Recovery.   His father had a similar problem and died at age 4 years and 2 months.

Debbie took Dapple to the vet on Friday afternoon since he had not moved from the night before.  At 5 pm the Vet gave him a muscle relaxant and pain shot along with a laser treatment.  It was suggested to use the LASERwrap® dog coat.  Dapple wore the coat starting Friday @ 7 pm and by Sunday at 9 am, he took his first recovery step 48 hours later. ”It’s a miracle not only because it worked, but I never could have afforded back surgery operation, paying for a week of 24/7 clinical boarding recovery, or to even think of keeping him caged up for 6 weeks after a clinical stay.  Thanks, Spectra Therapy for inventing LASERwrap® and saving Dapple.

LASERwrap® Advantage

  • Treats Multiple Regions
  • Works Day & Night (with recharging)
  • Speeds The Healing Process
  • Save Time w/ In-Home Treatments
  • Dogs Love To Wear

ONLY $695 (One-Time Cost)

(Single Laser Coat Option)

Help Your Dog Perform Better

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We Care About Your Pets Heath...

Spectra Therapy has revolutionized the proven technology of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) by making it WEARABLE and providing AUTOMATED UNATTENDED TREATMENTS throughout the day and night.  LASERwrap® gets fast effective results by relieving pain, improving circulation, promoting the healing of damaged tissues, and helping the body's lymphatic system to cleanse and flush toxins.

Still Not Convinced?

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The LASERwrap® works effectively on a number of conditions that can cause pain and require healing. We have developed a variety of LASERwrap® products to fit any area of the Canine body. All LASERwraps are powered by the same impulse unit, which has two simple settings. For some conditions, just a few hours of treatment will address your problem. For others, overnight treatment is required for a good night’s sleep to help jump-start your recovery. The LASERwrap® can also be used repetitively to enhance healing and pain relief as needed.

  • Recover faster with less pain
  • Improve circulation
  • Take the pain out of joints and charge muscles with oxygen
  • Improve the quality of life by increasing agility and range of motion
  • Safe and effective with no known side effects
  • Advanced laser technology anywhere and anytime at an affordable price


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